Individual Membership

Thank you for considering a GLEE membership!

Your membership dues allow us to continue outreach with our many partners in the Florida Keys and provide educational workshops and programs on sustainable solutions and living green. With your support, we can continue to promote solutions that protect and improve our natural environment and help ensure the future of the Florida Keys.

The GLEE Student, Individual and Family memberships are basic memberships that allow you to give basic support to GLEE’s mission and projects. The GLEE Believer and Sustaining memberships are intended for those who want to make a bigger difference in GLEE’s effectiveness.

Membership Dues Term
GLEE Student (K-12, community college or university) $10 1 year Join now!
GLEE Individual $25 1 year Join now!
GLEE Family $50 1 year Join now!
GLEE Believer $100 1 year Join now!
GLEE Sustaining $500 5 years ($100 pledged annually) Join now!

Green Living & Energy Education (GLEE) is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization.

Florida Keys Green Living & Energy Education (GLEE)