Implementing “Got Your Bags?” in Your Community!

GYB FK Logo Want to bring our program to your community?! We’ll give you every resource we have!

Designing, creating, building and implementing our Got Your Bags? Florida Keys program in Big Pine Key has been an exciting and interesting experience for us.  And it’s taken a lot of time and work by volunteers, who do this work from the heart. So we want to GIVE AWAY all our materials so you can do something similar where you live.

Other places in the Keys and in other parts of the country have already done so!  You can do it too! (Ready to go? Skip to the bottom and download our materials!)

  • No need to reinvent the wheel – get going faster than we did to encourage reusable shopping bag use to reduce and/or eliminate single use plastic bag use
  • Copy what we did, or do something different!
  • Tailor our materials to fit your community and the fabulous creative ideas of the people there who will put their own efforts into YOUR “Got Your Bags?” program

It’s a simple program that gets reusable bags into the hands of more shoppers, and/or works with retailers to encourage people to use them!

We hope that other Florida Keys communities will utilize our “branded” name Got Your Bags? Florida Keys  and logo – that helps grow program recognition. (And the name actually connects to a larger national community!)

If you’re outside the Keys, no worries! Our materials and artwork files will allow you to create a Got Your Bags?” program identity to match your location.

Please let us know when your campaign starts and we will be pleased to list you as a Community Partner on our webpage!

The materials in the Kit are in Microsoft  Word, Publisher or Powerpoint. The logo is a jpeg file you can edit. And we’ve even included the mp3 recording of the PSA we developed. It’s currently running regularly on US1 FM104.1 Radio in the Florida Keys.

Jump in – here’s everything we’ve got – and let us know how we can help:

Download the Got Your Bags? Florida Keys (GYB-FK) Kit.

Florida Keys Green Living & Energy Education (GLEE)